Meet Tootsie and Snickers, two South Florida dogs that have been generating national headlines.


No, they didnítí rescue anyone from a burning car or detect a huge cache of illegal drugs.These two pooches adopted from the Humane Society have become celebrities because they are specially trained in detecting mold in homes.


The dogs are owned by a brother-and-sister team David and Jennifer Leshner, who left their careers in investment management and the law to create Mold Detection Services, a company that provides the tools, technology and service for detecting and identifying mold in any environment.


Using their noses as cutting-edge technology, Tootsie and Snickers are trained to root out mold wherever it might be growing.Lest you think these are dogs without credentials, this pair of beagles received more than 1,000 hours of training at the Florida Canine Academy in Tampa before going into service.


The dogs have been hired by all kinds of people, from expectant parents wanting to inspect a nursery for the new arrival to home buyers bidding on property.Mold can grow anywhere thatís damp, gradually destroying whatever surface it is growing on.If allowed to fester, mold can destroy an entire structure as well as cause severe health problems including infection, inflammation and allergic reactions.


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