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  After a complete and thorough inspection and testing, we provide each client with a detailed report.

The Final Report contains the following:
1. Observations made on the day/time of the inspection:
  • Certified Mold Inspector Visual Observations
  • Humidity Readings
  • Temperature Readings
  • Moisture Readings
  • Laser Particle Counter Readings
  • Certified MoldDog Alerts
  • Boroscope Observations (if necessary)
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Scan & Pictures

2. Detailed test results
  • Identify the type of mold/spore present
  • Count the number of spores in the air
  • Describe the mold and any possible health effects
  • Assess whether an unusual mold condition exists


3. Digital photos of visible mold

4. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Pictures

Clearance Testing
Please feel free to call us once your remediation is complete so we can determine whether or not toxic black mold still exists.
Mold Detection Services, Inc. works only with nationally recognized labs, which specialize in testing for mold and toxins.

Professional Laboratories, Inc. (PRO-LAB™) is a privately held Florida corporation with headquarters located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. PRO-LAB dedicates its 20,000 square foot facility to the production of accurate data, via high-quality equipment. Staffed with over 40 professionals, including Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals, Ph.D. Mycologists, Board Certified Physicians, and Registered Clinical Laboratory Technicians, PRO-LAB has the experience and expertise for accurate environmental investigations.

PRO-LAB's goal is to provide accurate, timely, and detailed analysis of our samples while maintaining the highest level of customer service and technical support in the industry. To achieve this goal, PRO-LAB has developed a Quality Assurance Program to govern all aspects of its laboratory and consulting services. The Quality Assurance Program includes guidelines and requirements for procurement, handling of samples, personnel management, data validation and the systematic approach to laboratory and consulting operations.
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